SEO isn’t Just for Search Engines

One important function of search engine optimization (SEO) is to help your website position properly to be found even in the most critical points every time people need your site. For you to fully understand what SEO do, let’s begin by knowing its goal. The purpose of SEO is to create seamless experience for the users and to recommend relevant searches for you website and communicate to search engines.

The purpose of SEO in your website is like the sugar and your website is the cake. That means, your website is tasteless without SEO that gives sweetness. SEO provide the content and other related information in your website that make it functional for the users. Did you now realize the importance of function of SEO that is not just working for search engines but in every websites that it suggest coming from a given keyword of the user.

The job of search engines is referring the users to the most relevant website and content that they look for. And relevancy determined through content, performance, authority, experience of the user. to further elaborate this, content refers to the given text, titles or description on the webpage; performance refers to the browsing capacity of the site on how fast it can process the given data including the condition if it is working properly; authority refers to content link that your site have or if other sites use your website to cite the information available; and user experience refers to the interface of the website like if it is easy to navigate.

Search engine do have limitations in searching relevant information that can be suggested for you especially when keywords are overuse. Sometimes be careful on purchased/buying link because it may take you nowhere and beyond SEO.

Aside from suggesting relevant information from the given keywords, SEO also optimize multi-channel which includes Facebook, Twitter, Email and offline channels like TV ads and radio. This will help not only in processing data but also for the users to use specific keywords you’re optimizing for.

Being consistent in domain names will not only help you but also for the search engine and the SEO effort to go to the exact site or information that you are looking for. Also putting keyword in URL will help a lot better in overall effort. It I also recommended to use old domain names than new one but make sure that the previous owner doesn’t do anything that can cause the domain to be penalized if ever you buy it.

Today, many search engines are ignoring Meta keyword but if you still using it, make sure it is specifically intended to the page that you are looking for and take note it should be in correctly format. His is a unique description to take you that specific page and making duplicate meta keywords will not take you anywhere. So now, always keep SEO in your mind and always follow the best practice. Skipping or forgetting this basic will create a mess and minimize user experience.