What Can You Do to Maintain Your Launched Site

Maintaining a website can be a daunting task without prior knowledge and technical skills. This can be also tricky if you feel uncomfortable with how launched websites are placed and hosted in the online market. Take time to learn what you can do to maintain a website from this article.

  1. Conducting an A/B Test
  2. Check your website if it is working or not through conducting an A/B test or split test. A/B testing is the method of testing the changes to your web page against the existing design to assess which designs produce positive results.  Start an A/B testing by having a good hypothesis. You can compare the use of a green ‘Sign In’ button with a red ‘Sign In’ button to give you more confidence to come with a responsible design.  Measure the impact of the web page changes on sign-ups, purchases, downloads or whatever goals you have in mind. Using an A/B testing, you show two versions of the exact page and let your quantitative data tells the results. Constant testing your web page can increase leads, registrations, donations and downloads.

  3. Managing your content
  4. Content management is critical since this the lifeblood of your marketing effort. Your website will be known when you have a nice content. The more convincing content you have, the more visitors you will get. Content should be error free and erudite to gain positive impression on visitor’s mind. Proofreading is very important before publishing your content online. Part of content management is writing fresh articles and interesting blogs. Blogs are great marketing efforts to attract potential buyers. Writing organic content for blog articles are more favorable to Google’s search engine bots. Google can display your blogs in the Answer box which can possibly get valuable leads.

  5. Developing incoming links
  6. One of the best ways to generate more leads and traffics in the Internet is constant monitoring of backlinks or incoming links. It automatically directs the visitors to your site. Links enable the Internet works in different places where links to your blog or website can be linked from. The link can bring them to your home page depending on how the reader who linked to you sets the link.  Incoming links are essential because that is how potential customers find your product or service. The number of links to your site is an indication of how popular your business is in the Internet.

  7. Offering seasonal gift vouchers and free services
  8. Owning an e-store needs to have seasonal offerings to attract online visitors and encourage them to make an online purchase. You can offer gift voucher and free delivery service. This type of marketing effort is an added advantage to your site over the other e-stores.

  9. Getting customer’s feedbacks and suggestions

Customer’s feedbacks and suggestions can help to make some improvement. Check for their positive and negative comments to address the necessary changes.  Make sure the next time your customers visit your site, they will see some changes. With this, you develop good customer relationship by valuing their suggestions.