8 strategies to drive more Twitter followers

Want To Drive More Twitter Followers To Your Business? Follow These Strategies!

Who doesn’t want to gain more followers? Of course, everyone wants the idea, especially for businesses. With millions of active users sending million tweets a day, what is the best practice you use to target Twitterers? If you are ready to attract more Twitter followers, read on for some tried and tested strategies.

1. As much as possible, create a simple username
It is important to stay consistent with the brand of your business when creating a Twitter profile so that your other social media sites will complement to each other. Your username should be your business name. As possible, keep it short and free from punctuations. This way, your followers can easily access your website from any mobile devices, since eight percent of Twitter users are using tablets and smartphones to follow their favorites.

2. Make each word count
By writing an enthralling message, you can draw your followers to click on an entrenched link which direct them to your website or blog. You should be creative enough to convey the objective of your message in 140 characters or less. The quality of your message is responsible for building interest and credibility among your Twitter followers.

3. Use visual media
When twittering, you should include a video or photo relating to your business. Their purpose is to add glamour without overstepping the limits of your 140 character. Vine is a newly developed video feature that helps businesses to upload a short 6-second video playing a limitless loop in their tweet. If not, YouTube is the best place to upload a video, but make sure to include the link within your tweet.

4. Promote
Wherever it may be, you need to advertise your own Twitter username. On your blog pages, include the Follow button and print your username on store signage and business cards on every page of your site.
5. Use the Twitter places features or advanced search
The Places feature identifies your address and locates Twitter users who are presently tweeting nearby to your business site. Then, Twitter creates a list these people so that you can add them to “potential local customer” list.

6. Shorten your links to other social media sites
One purpose is to let your followers have an easy and fast access. You can download a URL Shortener Extension app from goo.gl or tr.im. By doing so, you can be able to create a shortened link to your blog or website, which saves you valuable post space.
7. Use data analysis features of the Twitter
Get insights on who you are connecting using the Tweet Activity and Campaign dashboards. These performance indicators are a great help to improve your tweets and make sure you are really connecting with your intended audience.

8. Offer Twixclusives
It is an exclusive offer that your followers can seize upon. Make it really exciting to make retweets, which attracts potential followers. Make sure to thank your tweeters through adding their Twitter website to your favorites or sending them a direct message.
By executing the abovementioned strategies, you can definitely establish a more loyal and larger Twitter follower base.