Learn 5 Effective Website Design Principles

Over the years, web design has improved everything about it. This is because of the principles used by the web designer today that help them a lot in creating website that are more appealing and user-friendly. In the past years, designers learn the dos and don’ts when it comes in web designing like reducing colors used, the animation and advertisements, etc. Below are five effective website design principles that can help you to have a better understanding about what is really web designing is all about.

5 Effective Principles to Improve Your Web Design

  1. Marketing Principle
  2. For you to sell the product or service that your website offers, you must think of effective encouraging dialogue to be connected in every users and visitors and find interest to stay and explore further in your website. Here are the things that you must get from your visitor upon visiting the website as part of your marketing principle: Attention/awareness, interest, desire, action and satisfaction.

    How will you do this? To get the attention of every users and visitor, you must put only basic but important points or title of your product or service. If you have this, the next thing you should workout is to sustain the interest and desire by having a demonstration through images, video or recorded voice of the product or service. Include in your demonstration the way on how they can avail or order what you are offering to them, this will fall under action and to know their satisfaction, you should have a costumer’s service page in your website to entertain their inquiries.

  3. Use Few Appealing Colors
  4. It is not true that the more color you use, the attractive your website is. Sometimes, many users and visitors well get annoyed about it. In choosing the colors, use colors that are functional in every part of your website that when combined will create an appealing environment for the users and visitors as they enter in your site. Consider also the product or service that your website is offering. The colors should help to promote everything about your website.

  5. Balance
  6. Having a balance in everything in website design is important. This provides the users and visitors to visual hierarchy and help to easily recognize the part from the most to least important details. Creating a balance design also help the user to easily understand the instructions and command of the website that can bring them an enjoyable experience in visiting your site.

  7. Clarity
  8. Clarity is another highly important aspect in web design principles that should be given priority. Being more accurate and specific in every detail is usually better than putting broad or complex details or ideas. it is not also needed to use basic colors or design to achieve clarity. Actually you can make experiments in creating your web design, but keep everything visually clear and every detail makes sense. The users and visitors will have an easier and enjoyable experience in your site if everything on it is categorically organized.

  9. User’s Needs

In developing your website, the first thing that you should always consider is the comfort of your users and visitors. This can be possible by providing sufficient clues and easy navigation path. Remember that you have multiple different kind of user’s that will visit your website  but it doesn’t mean that you will create multiple version of you website to address their needs rather you will create a single design layout that integrate all multiple levels of user’s interaction. One technique of achieving this is by creating shortcut icons that can easily understand by the users.