Custom Web Design vs. Web Design Template

Building a custom web design is proven to be effective in increasing online sales. The need to find a web designer that suits to your business requirement is quite hard considering your own preference, business size, offered services, target customers, location, and other factors. Remember that your website is one of the main assets of your business, once you made it right, you’ll make millions of traffic and sales.

A website with professional look is more credible to look at. Business owners are now looking for ways to save money without sacrificing the professional image of their websites. In this article you will understand the difference of using custom web design vs. using website templates.

What is custom web design and why do you need it?

There are variety of ways to design a website according to the needs and demands of the business owner. People think that custom web design is expensive. However, looking at the benefits of a custom web design, you will find it more financially –rewarding over the use of readily available website template in the Internet. This makes sense to hire a well-experienced web design company to do the job.

Online marketing is all about showcasing how your business website, product, service, or brand differs from all the rest.  In using a web template, your site will blend in with other online sites. Your customers will turn away thinking that you are just like them. With little effort of changing the design, you can significantly increase your sales. Take note that customization can optimize conversions.

When you hire a professional web designer, they know how to make a responsive-friendly design with the use of proper coding. The ease of navigation can be guaranteed considering the coding languages of XHTML,HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript which directly affect your website functions and displays. Website design can be costly for some, but when your business website has it right away, you will see the long term benefits of having it.

What about using website templates?

Existing website templates and designs are the best option if you are about to launch your web page and you do not want to hire a web designer which may take for few days to come up with a responsive design. Some website owners find web templates more practical and economical.  It only requires shorter web development time. Also, if you have a tight budget, there are free website templates that you can use. However, there are number of people using the same template. Another consideration, a web template has limited capability on the customization. It could break once you incorporate your own contents and graphics. Without your coding skills, you need help from a professional on how to code your web page. There are templates with antiquated coding which could affect your marketing efforts.

Custom Web Design or Website Template?

Building a business website needs some amount of money and time to maximize your market potential. When choosing between custom web design and website template, keep in mind that whatever you choose you need to stand above from your competitors.