Mobile-Friendly Landing Page with Call-to-Action: How important it is?

Are you working on to improve your current landing page or are you planning to build one? Don’t forget to have a call-to-action and include it on your page. It will direct your users or visitors to take action, which will surely help you in generating leads and increasing sales or conversion.

Since the world is no filled with technology-driven devices, there is no doubt that business owners have made the right decision of taking advantage of such devices in terms of marketing and advertising. Websites has now become a necessity for most business across the globe. This is because of multiple benefits it provides, especially that even by using mobile devices, anyone can access a certain company’s website. How is it possible? This is through a mobile friendly landing page that enables the users to browse and check updates from the particular site with less hassle and no worries!

Landing page refers to any web page that every visitor can “land” on or arrive. It can stand alone without letting the user directly visit the website. This is to limit the options available to visitors, in which can help in guiding them towards an intended converted goal. Once you have asked yourself, “What is a landing page?”, bear in mind the importance of knowing its purpose. Having a landing page is one of best ways to promote your products and direct users to take action.

A landing page that does not enable or encourage users to do necessary clicks or actions is often useless. One of the main reasons of creating your landing page is to promote your products and services, right? This is where the call-to-action plays a great role!

What is a call-to-action?

As defined in marketing, CTA refers to an instruction to the audience in order to provoke an immediate response. Most commonly, it uses an imperative verb such as “Place Order,” “View Menu,” or “Sign up Here.” Using directional cues are considered crucial design features in order to guide your potential customer’s attention to your CTA. By including this on your landing page, you have a greater chance of increasing sales and conversions.

CTAs Generate Leads

One of the main purposes of a particular call-t-action is to attract more and more visitors and then turn them into leads. It also encourages leads to let the visitors buy or purchase your product. In relation to this, you need to place CTAs in the place or location where leads would tend to visit consistently.

In relation to this, once your viewer clicks on your page, your call-to-action should be the first thing he/she sees. In fact, the clearer and more visually distinct you make and include on your page, the more chances you have for you to achieve or attain your objectives.

Where should a call-to-action be placed on your landing page?

Actually, there are two particular placements of your call-to-action, which is below the fold and above the fold. Whichever location you choose for your CTA depends on the complexity of your page.

See how CTA on your landing page would change and improve the way you increase conversions, generate leads or sales and maintain potential customers. It will be up to you which or what call to action you would want to use. Just make sure that it is placed on your landing page appropriately.

The Landing page, just like other part of website also needs goals. Without specific and concrete goal, it is impossible to create an effective and useful page. The goal should be clear before you proceed with designing your page.

A Clear Call to Action is Vital

After you have identified what your goal is, it’s now the time for you make and come up with a clear call to action. Your CTA should be precisely tied to your goal as much as it should be supported by everything else found on your landing page, which ranges from the body copy down to images as well as overall layout.

In building or creating your landing page, make sure to make it simply as compared to the corporate website you have. Landing pages consists of very specific goals, so it should not include any extraneous information that can possibly distract your visitors and worse, can prevent them from taking action.

Design Considerations

Call-to-action alone does not assure that you will succeed in getting the potential visitor’s attention, which could lead to great conversions. Landing page design has an important role to play. Having a good design will definitely support your call to action, whereas a bad design detracts from it.

In that sense, if you are to make or design your landing page, think that less is certainly more. Although the landing page needs to reflect the design of your real site, it doesn’t necessary need to include almost everything about the website. It should reinforce your branding but make sure to be more specific, precise and clear. You can do it through choosing the right graphics, general feel and look, color scheme a well as font choices.
To give a more delightful experience for all the visitors, optimizing your landing page for mobile is the best thing to do. As much as possible, you need to try not to design your landing page as a usual or traditional page. Make it unique and consider the landing page layout and content of different devices as well as screens of all sizes such as desktops, smartphones tablets, and beyond. Just make sure that your content will be visible and available for mobile devices.

Following or considering all the things that are mentioned above about creating an effective call-to-action and incorporating a mobile-friendly landing page, certainly your landing page will do provide a better and more convenient user experience. Remember that the user’s experience will increase the chance of visiting your landing page more often since visitors find it easy to use it. You surely do not want to lose your desktop or mobile visitors, so pay attention in making the site a lot easier and more convenient to use or browse.